Social Work and Environment for Rural Advancement

SHG Membership Leads to Financial Independence

Kuki Devi, a housewife, resident of Farkiya village was unable to send her children to school due to her chronic poverty. Then she was linked with a SHG in the year 2002. After four months of group formation she received Rs 500 as internal loan. She earmarked Rs 400 out of it serve her domestic needs and spent Rs 100 in purchasing vegetables from Ajmer and sole it in her village. This was just a practical which remained quite profitable. This success pushed her motivation level high and urged her to adopt it as an occupation.

In the next month she received Rs 500 as loan and invested entire amount in her newly innovated venture. She made abundant profit. Timely availability of loan never allowed money as a constraint before Kuki Devi. Now she has adopted it as a full time occupation and owns a temporary vegetable shop in her village.

In her words credit of this success goes to her SHG by which she could become financially independent and enrolled her children in school.