Social Work and Environment for Rural Advancement

Chairman's Message

chairmanAs communicated by my predecessor, Late Dr. V.K.Bhatara, that SWERA has a strong belief in development amongst community by their own participation. It has proved more than right and has been seeing the results each day, each week, each month and each year in terms services in relation to social causes, social responsibility and above all social participation.

We at SWERA are pledged to ensure selfless services to all human beings within our reach and accessibility to offer them help knowhow, time and knowledge for the betterment of the community on a socioeconomic platform. We as an organization apply our all our resources and energies to see an achievement of curn level even satisfying.

I am happy and proud while going through the progress graph of SWERA since its inception in 1995.It has been a fairly long journey with bottlenecks and roadblocks, but the determination empowered the hurdles. It reflects the level of commitment and a strong will of achievement amongst all who are involved with their respective visionary assignments.

I have the honor of thanking the people who have visited our website and would look forward for a greater participation with their worthy and valuable comments which helps us in bettering our productivity of performance.

I humbly thank all donors who have made us capable of converting the dreams into reality with their help, guidance and support of all forms. I would like to thank all members of SWERA who are involved with it directly or indirectly for rendering their services of unmatched integrity to ensure a great success of SWERA in reaching and helping who need the help of SWERA.

Kuldeep Dudha