Social Work and Environment for Rural Advancement

Vision and Mission

vision mission


To improve the socio-economic conditions of the rural people and developing the existing natural resources of the villages


To develop rural societies by organising them into groups and providing necessary inputs in the area of education, health, management of natural resources and livelihoods in the Shrinagar, Silora Arai and Pisangan blocks of Ajmer District.

These are the four necessary pillars for healthy and strong prospective society, which can build up a strong nation.


  1. To create organised groups of communities particularly women group
  2. To advocate grassroots problems at appropriate levels by mobilising masses
  3. To preserve and properly manage natural resources
  4. To promote of micro-credit and micro-finance towards women empowerment
  5. To ensure health and education to all members of the society
  6. To reduce instances of child labour
  7. To promote appropriate technology for betterment of cattle species
  8. To promotion of safe delivery and child health
  9. To promote young groups at local levels
  10. To disseminate information about government programmes

Our Approach

Conceptualisation, planning and implementation of development programmes with people's consensus, cooperation and participation towards a long-term objective of rendering the communities, a self-reliant status