Social Work and Environment for Rural Advancement

Secretary's Message

secretaryDevelopment without bottom to top approach is like wondering in vacuum. Last development efforts failed due to disrespect of this pungent truth. This reality has been better known to SWERA since its inception. In the new millennium India still continues to live in villages hence, when the world has gone to the moon, we still feel the need to reach the villages.

Eighty per cent of our population survives at Rs 20 a day. Larger proportion of them comes in rural stretches of the country. They are the people deprived of basic amenities, with no say, with no dream in their eyes but to secure two times bread in a day. They do not want to become a doctor, an engineer, an architect, an artist, an army captain, a film star, a MLA / Minister or Prime Minister but to live their lives with dignity. SWERA finds itself accountable for all of them.
We know the vision towards the Millennium Development Goals cannot be achieved without engaging these underprivileged people in the mainstream of development. We might have limited financial resources, limited men power but our commitment for this segment of our brothers and sisters has no bindings, no limitations. We were, we are and we will be committed to make the world a better place for them to live on.

I hope, our fight against poverty, against discrimination and against huge disparities in opportunities to grow on will get momentum with generous support of all and lead to creation of a just society.

During its journey, SWERA has brought people together to raise their concerns at different levels and fighting against neglect of duty by government functionaries. The undertaking of such self initiated actions is an important achievement for us. We have increasingly made efforts to enhance capabilities of people; especially women, in exploring myriad new avenues to strengthen their existing livelihood resources. Soon, our imagination of a self-dependent empowered woman has started taking place into practicality.

And the journey continues...

Bishanlal Vaishanv