Social Work and Environment for Rural Advancement

Human Rights and Advocacy

human rights and advocacy

SWERA maintains amicable relationship with different government and non-government organisations to create differences in existing socio-economic canvas of targeted communities. The organisation is a member of core group of 'District Level Health Committee', 'District and State Level Committees on National Rural Health Mission', and 'District Level Committee on NRM and Child labourers'. Moreover, it is also an integral part of 'Monitoring and Evaluation Committee on National Rural Employment Guarantee Act'.

Apart from those, the organisation also maintains trustworthy relations with Indian Army, Nasirabaad Cant, Gas Authority of India Ltd. (GAIL), Krashi Vigyan Kendra - Ajmer, amd Department of Science and Technology, Jaipur.
At the local level, the organisation has good understanding with all the government departments and institutions, viz., Panchayati Raj, Department of Education, Primary Health Centres and so on.

The organisation constantly endeavours to enlarge its existing network by participating in different local/state/national level seminars/workshops/training programmes and discussions. Such platforms keep it updated with policy level changes at national and international levels, strategic advancements in the sector and magnify its existing knowledge base to make remarkable differences in people's lives.